Plotter TKT DOT 180/220 SERIES
High Performance Plotter

พล็อตเตอร์ TKT Plotter

The UWP (Ultra Wide Printer) DOT plotter series from tktbrainpower includes the ultimate in inkjet technology electronics, software control and cutting-edge long-lasting distinguished European Design


เครื่องวาดแบบ 2 หัววาด Sinajet Plotter

The Sinajet 1800C plotters with two heads – high productivity at lowest running costs, delivered with HP45 printing heads.

The HP45 heads proofed to be reliable and fast, and in the same time with lowest running cost. That is why this is a plotter, which should be considered, when taking decision what plotter your company needs. With printing width from 180 to 240 cm, printing speed from 36 up to 80 square meters per hour, a very advanced control center software and a low price, this plotter is the best value for the price choice. For more information, please contact us


เครื่องวาด และตัดแบบ Sinajet Plotter

Cutting plotter from SinaJet can plot and in the same time cut templates or patterns, this is the right choice for you. The plotter uses again the HP 45 printing heads, which guarantee low running costs, and in the same time can cut the ready offprint. The available working width are 120 and 165 cm.

Flatbed-Cutter MACHI

เครื่องวาด และตัดแบบ Flatbed-Cutter

The machine is a “state of the art” model and the latest product developed by our company. The Machi-1763A cutting plotter specializes in cutting the flexible thin materials used in the electronic and sign industries. The use of an advanced electronic-magnetic tool head ensures the high sensitivity of the cutting blade so it achieves high precision and perfect cutting results for both kiss cut and thorough cut.