Service Policy


SPEED means, to have sense of urgency in repairing. Having prompt service response time. We have to prepare our tools well, and provide enough spare part, in order to have every problems fixed within one-time visit. We can give customers the service within 24 hours, after their approval for the service.


SPECIALITY means, our service team must be well trained with the product knowledge and learn how to analyze the problem properly. They must be specialized in 4 areas, which are, installation, training machine operator, consultation and solving the problem, and repairing.


SERVICE MIND means, we give service with our mind. We stick to our duty not moody. We serve you with smiling face, welcome attitude, and willing to accept your comments and suggestion.

APP. has been selling cutting machine and other related cutting equipment for more than 30 years. Every machine sold by APP. has a specific serial number. If your machines have problem, you can bring your machines to our service center and we will fix them for you (in case customers are able to carry their machine to our office.) Also, annual service package is available. (Please contact us for more information.)

APP. sells various sizes of machine. For a big machine that cannot be brought to our service center, our service staffs will visit customer’s site.


1. Customers call APP. asking for service.


2. Our service staff answers the call and asks for the serial number of the  machine in order to check the machine’s history.  Then, our staff will ask for the problem details.  If the problem is not serious, he will try to give the primary suggestion to fix the machine over the phone.


3. If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, he will note in the report and request for “On-Site Service.”


4. The service supervisor will assign a job to a specific technician.  Then, APP. technician will visit customer’s site to check and identify the problem.  When he finishes fixing the problem, he will test the machine again to make sure that the machine has been fixed properly.


5. If some spare parts must be replaced, he will inform the customer and ask for approval before replacing the new spare parts.


6. Once the machine has been repaired, he will explain the cause of the problem to the operator and suggestion to avoid repeated problem.


APP. service team will try to help customers in every possible way to solve customer’s problem with their service-mind attitude so that customers can run their machines smoothly and continuously.

Service for Optitex has been separated into 4 types as follows.


1. Marker plotting :  At APP., we provide the marker plotting service.  We can plot the whole length of marker and general patterns, customizes to customer’s demand.  Customers have to send us their data through email. Then, they call APP and give more information about their assignment.  Once APP. finishes plotting marker, we will call customers to pick up their plotted markers.


2. Pattern Cut :  This service is similar to the marker plotting service, but APP. also provides cutter to cut paper pattern for our customers. More details will be requested such as type of the paper, thickness, weight of paper etc.


3. Data Conversion :  Some data from other apparel CAD applications have to be converted before transferring the data to each CAD system.  So, we accept the data from email and send back the converted data to our customer. Online service allows both parties to response more quickly.


4. Optitex Software Training :  We have re-training service for our Optitex customers from which they can choose between in-house training or in our showroom, depending on the customer’s convenience.